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 Workaround/fix for "Server Execution Failed" error

#1 | Posted: 18 Apr 2016 14:08 
Ever since our IT dept moved us over to new Outlook profiles last week, I've been unable to successfully run DeskTask, getting a "Server Execution Failed" error.

I saw this post ( opic=22) which discusses this problem, but none of its suggestions would really work in my company environment. That post mentioned that DeskTask uses "Outlook's automation interface", so I dug a little deeper in that direction and came across a discussion on where the user was getting that error when trying to connect to Outlook from C#. The solution offered was "This is due to privileges of the process...Run both as administrator or run both as normal privilege level."

So, I started Outlook as administrator, then started DeskTask as administrator, and DeskTask came right up without a hitch.

Maybe someone will find this helpful.

BTW, going without DeskTask for a week reminded me how good it is and how much I rely on it. I'm heading over to the other part of the website now to contribute $25.

Andre Santos
#2 | Posted: 19 Apr 2016 13:55 
Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your tip, glad it worked for you.

I'm updating the post about problems with DeskTask and Outlook, I'm sure it can help a lot of user's who might have this problem, nice of you giving this feedback.

And thanks for your donation, it's great knowing that DeskTask really helps in your day.

André Santos
Carthago Software Support

DeskTask Carthago Software forums / DeskTask /
 Workaround/fix for "Server Execution Failed" error

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