Carthago Software, was founded in 1998 by André Santos. We are focused exclusively on providing high-quality software for the Windows operating system, targeting both casual and power users, as well as computer programmers.

We Promise:

  • Quality software fair priced or free software solutions for the Windows operating system
  • Serious issue in our applications will be dealt, no long waits for service releases
  • Fast and stable applications, you will not find requirements like .NET or Java bulky run-time libraries to run our software
  • User friendly and modern Looking applications
  • Reception to feedback, we want to hear you!
  • For license purchases or donations, we work with the leading E-commerce company's like Paypal
  • Our applications have been awarded 100% free of adware, malware and other virus, with certifications by independent sites1. Our software can be safely downloaded and installed.

1 Each product page has a direct link to the site certification award.

Privacy statement

We respect your right to privacy. Your information, either by registration on out forum, purchasing products, donating or contacting us will not be given to any other companies without your express consent.

Since we work with Paypal we don't store any personal financial information.

Website and Cookies Privacy Notice

When visiting our site, trusted pre-selected companies may access and use certain information on your device. Examples of this include accessing your location and/or set 3rd party cookies to understand your interests to provide a better experience when browsing our website by showing ads more relevant to your interests as well as measuring performance metrics.

For any other query you may have please contact us on the Contact page.