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 Great wallpaper sites

Andre Santos
#1 | Posted: 10 Aug 2013 17:14 | Edited by: Andre Santos 
Here are some Wallpaper sites handy if you use AeroBlend:


Windows 10 SpotLight

Dual Monitor Backgrounds

Social Wallpapering

Desktop Nexus


André Santos
Carthago Software Support

#2 | Posted: 15 Sep 2015 04:14 

I would like to mention that Wallbase is no longer available for about 1 year. :( [one of the best resources in the past] is now GoodFon.SU.
And Interfacekft is actually Interfacelift :).

And few new sources that rocks in 2015 with free images and can be saved at HD quality as wallpapers are
Picjumbo, Unsplash and Ultra HD Wallpapers

AeroBlend Carthago Software forums / AeroBlend /
 Great wallpaper sites

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