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 Twistpad 3.12 released

Andre Santos
#1 | Posted: 20 Nov 2022 20:06 

A new version of Twistpad has been released.

Release 3.12 follows the trend of the previous version, with an important number of fixes.

Full change log:
· Added a new option to disable syntax highlighting on long single line documents (Preferences - Syntax)
· Reorganized Indent and Tab Options
· Added recent browsed folders to the Favorites button menu of the File Browser Window
· Match Section command can now also match HTML/XML Tags
· Improved display of non-printing characters
· Replaced the sort combo box with buttons in Workspace window
· Reset Window Layout command resets window dialogs position and size as well
· Added the ability to select the Escape or the Tab Key as a command shortcut
· Fixed: Replacing files in UTF-8 format could result in loss of extended characters after the replace
· Fixed: Some options in the Go-to dialog were not working
· Fixed: Unicode encoded files would always display MAC (CR) as the line break format
· Fixed: Match case option when searching with Regular expressions
· Fixed: Backward search using Regular expressions
· Fixed: Pressing Shift+enter would force an extra indentation on the new line
· Fixed: Sometimes pressing the tab key would not insert a tab/space
· Fixed: Some issues with the "Automatic" detection of tab mode
· Fixed: After saving large files, Twistpad would ask to reload the file as if it was edited elsewhere
· Fixed: Refreshing the file browser would lose the current selected file or folder
· Fixed: Exiting full screen without any documents loaded
· Fixed: Importing a non-HTML file with the "Import Text From HTML" command
· Fixed: Save template command would always create the template
· Fixed: Deleting old file revisions
· Fixed: Switched versions on new update dialog information
· Json Syntax is now bundled in Twistpad
· Optimizations when running in portable mode
· Updated Help File
· Minor bug fixes

André Santos
Carthago Software Support

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 Twistpad 3.12 released


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