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 Twistpad 2.6 Released

Andre Santos
#1 | Posted: 2 Nov 2019 08:09 | Edited by: Andre Santos 

Finally the long waited new version of Twistpad has been released with many new features!

This version is a free update to existing registered user's. Just login into the Twistpad download area to get the new version.

What is new:
- When a file cannot be saved due to insufficient permissions, it can now be retried as administrator
- Save All command will ignore files that cannot be saved due to insufficient permissions (Information displayed on the output window)
- New dock file browser mode: Tree view instead of file list
- New command: "Auto Scroll" to automatically scroll the current document
- New command: "Reload Automatically" to automatically reload the current document every X seconds
- Added a new status panel : Folder (of the active document)
- New option to only capture clipboard operations within Twistpad
- The Paste command now displays a sub menu with the collected clipboard items
- Multiple paste menu now pre-selects the second item in the clipboard list on popup
- Internal Clipboard no longer needs the Clipboard dock window visible to collect items
- New Option to wrap Quick search commands
- Added Incremental Search command to the Compare Window views
- Added a "Open File Location" command to the search results list to open the file in Explorer
- Added a new option to use the current folder (and type) in the Find/Replace in files dialog
- Quote commands now anchor to text instead of starting at the beginning of the line
- Quote commands now support column selection
- Editor ruler can now be hidden via right click
- Improved the algorithm of automatic detection of UTF-8 files without signature
- File history sub-menus will only be shown if there are items
- Favorites sub-menu will always be shown and not only when there are favorite files
- SDF Files (Twistpad Syntax definition files) can now be automatically installed if opened in Twistpad
- Editor gutter can now be used to select lines
- New warning when replacing all without the "Wrap text" option
- Improvements to the Close dialog
- Improvements to the Reload modified files dialog
- Improvements to the detection of files changed outside Twistpad
- Improvements to the Customize dialog
- Improvements to the Compare window
- Redesigned some toolbar images
- General usability improvements
- Fixed: Faster replace on a Replace All command
- Fixed: Go to line in Compare window
- Fixed: Unicode characters in Compare window
- Fixed: Detection of current document deleted or moved when Twistpad was activated
- Fixed: Improved performance on files with long lines
- Fixed: Invalid folder on multiple folders search
- Fixed: Internal clipboard items were not restored in certain scenarios
- Fixed: Improved Quote commands
- Fixed: Escape key now cancels folder look up in the Find/Replace in files dialog instead of closing the dialog
- Fixed: Resizable dialogs did not have a close button
- Fixed: No printers installed unhandled exception on Windows 10
- Updated Help file
- New editor theme: Zen
- Minor bug fixes

André Santos
Carthago Software Support

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 Twistpad 2.6 Released