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 Twistpad 2.52 released

Andre Santos
#1 | Posted: 8 Nov 2017 15:44 

Twistpad version 2.52 if finally out now with the following changes:

-Clipboard history now retains IdentPaste, line copy and block select mode when reusing a stored clipboard item
-Improved display of the Paste Multiple menu
-Multiple Items paste now shows hint with the history contents
-New Commands: Next and Previous modified line to quickly jump between edited sections in the current document
-Copying from the compare window now supports IdentPaste and line copy mode when pasting in the main editor
-Added First and Last Difference commands in the Compare Window
-Added a new command in the Compare window to switch between vertical and horizontal views
-Shortcuts in Compare window can now be customized in the customize dialog
-New option to display the compare overview bar on the left of the window
-Feedback on line jumped via double click in the Output window is now displayed on the Status bar
-Numbers are now highlighted in the Output window
-Toggle Bookmark command now shows the current bookmark list in sub-menu (same view as the Dock Bookmark window)
-New Option in Find\Replace in Files: "Search in hidden items"
-Replace in files now makes a backup for replaced files (only when the option "Create Backup Copy" is selected)
-Reorganized the "Find\Replace in files" dialog
-Updated some command button icons
-New command line Switch to Jump to line of the file opened, after the file path specify the line number. Eg: c:\twistpad.exe "c:\file.txt" xxxx
-Fixed: Warning of failure to make the replace in read only files (No indication that the replacement was not done)
-Fixed: In the compare window, if there was only one difference and on the first line, Twistpad would crash
-Fixed: Editing a line in the editor, right after a jump from the search results would delete that line
-Fixed: When searching in opened files, current document changes would be lost
-Fixed: Same select mode in main editor and compare displays
-Fixed: Same Gutter colors in main editor and compare displays
-Fixed: Join Lines command now discards any indent spaces when joining the lines
-Fixed: double click a number in the output window sometimes would not jump to the respective line number
-Updated Help file
-Other minor bug fixes and tweaks

Twistpad is available at our the download page as usual.


André Santos
Carthago Software Support

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 Twistpad 2.52 released