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Carthago Software forums / DeskTask / Errors when starting DeskTask
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Andre Santos

Posted: 8 May 2005 10:48

DeskTask uses an invisible copy of Outlook to get Tasks and Calendar data. This copy of Outlook is started using Outlook’s automation interface.

If DeskTask cannot start Outlook, one of the following errors may occur:

- Error 8007007E-01 communicating with Outlook. The specified module could not be found.
- Error 80004002-01 communicating with Outlook. The interface to Outlook did not start.
- Error 80004005-01 communicating with Outlook. Unspecified error.
- Error 80040102 No support.
- Error 80040111-01 class factory cannot supply requested class.
- Error 80040605-E02 communicating with Outlook. Not Initialized
- Error 8007045A-01 communicating with Outlook. A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.
- Error 800703E6-01 communicating with Outlook. Invalid access to memory location.
- Error 800706BE-02 communicating with Outlook. The remote procedure call failed.
- Error 80080005-01 communicating with Outlook. Server execution failed.

These problems are typically caused by a damaged Outlook installation.

As an attempt solve this problem, we recommend:

a) Don't set DeskTask and Outlook to start when the computer starts. Two copies of Outlook starting at the same time can clash with each other

b) Try starting Outlook and DeskTask as administrator mode, sometimes the error could be related to privileges (Thanks Jeff for this tip)

c) Repair/reinstall Outlook. See Outlook Help menu | Detect and Repair

d) Disable Plug-ins that may be installed in Outlook

e) Uninstall and reinstall Outlook Your message stores (Personal Outlook Folders - PST Files) and account data will not be lost when you uninstall Outlook

f) As a last resort only a full reinstall of windows can solve this problem.

Thank you,
André Santos
Carthago Software Support

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