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Carthago Software forums / MemInfo / Font error: I can't see the number
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Posted: 20 Sep 2011 20:22

I installed meminfo into windows xp, but the font error so I can't read the number. I user 12" laptop with high resolution, so I must make font larger to see more clear. When I set it to normal, it's ok. I've tested, with any windows version, when set to large font, the meminfo number will be unreadabled.
- Windows XP/Windows 7
- Desktop properties/appearance/Font size -> Large
(Windows 7: make desktop zoom as 125%)
- 4Gb ram (Show free memory)
- Cleartype enabled

So can you help me to choose font? error occured with internal, bitmap, TT fonts. I don't think this' the problem, because memturbo did it very good.

I've waited for any updated, but the main problem is stil there.

Thank you for reading!

Andre Santos

Posted: 21 Sep 2011 17:10


Thanks for the info and the detailed settings. In fact I've never tested MemInfo with the large font setting. I will test this to see what can be done.

But is there an error involved or the value simple does not display in the tray?

Thanks, I'll will try to fix this,

André Santos
Carthago Software Support