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Tom Bombadil

Posted: 23 May 2012 05:20 | Edited by: Tom Bombadil


[Doubt I am the first with this idea/request, but search function didn't deliver any hits.]

The reason for me coming across DeskTask was because I was looking for a widget that would display my Outlook notes on the desktop.

There is a number of notes tools/widgets around (I myself use 7stickynotes at the moment which is quite nice), but it seems none of them has an Outlook sync capability. I noticed that there are a numerous posts in many forums where people are looking for exactly this feature.

My aim is to have Outlook on my PC as a central storage place, syncronising everything (including notes, tasks) with my Android Phone (got this working by using MyPhoneExplorer). Whenever I am switching on the PC or taking the phone out of standby, I want my Outlook items automatically to appear on the screen/phone display without even opening a program or app (yes, I am *that* lazy).

So, long story short: Are you planning to include the Outlook Notes in DeskTask as well? For me, this would at least be the final solution for my PC desktop; rest is up and running already.

Thanks for your answer in advance!