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Posted: 12 Mar 2010 00:24

Hello @ all,

I use desktask for months without any problems (with the same configuration).
Now I have a big problem.
In outlook dates are available, but do not appear in desktask.
It says "no appointments found"

My System:
Win 7pro 32 bit, Outlook 2007 SP2, Desktask 1.2

Previously tried without success:
- Re-install Desktask
- disable all Outlook Add-ins

You have a solution?

Thanks, technics

Andre Santos

Posted: 15 Mar 2010 15:33


Im sorry for that.

Have you tried reinstalling Outlook (Office) ?

Are you sure the criteria for displaying appointments is correct? (make sure DeskTask is not filtering categories)

Besides that I don't see what could be the problem


André Santos
Carthago Software Support


Posted: 16 Mar 2010 13:15


Outlook I have not yet reinstalled, I'll try.

The strange, the tasks are displayed.

When I use other programs (to show the dates on Desktop) to me only the tasks, but not the dates shown.

Very strange....

Thanks, technics


Posted: 31 May 2011 15:14

I also have a similar problem: sometimes, at the change of date, all appointments disappear and I see only "No appointments found".
After a few days, without any modifications in Outlook, all the appointments are displayed again.
I have Windows 7 x64, Outlook 2010 and DeskTask 1.2, and no tasks (only appointments).
I reinstalled DeskTask but the problem remains.


Posted: 9 Jun 2011 05:19

I'm the same as Ermanno, however, I can only get tasks and no appointments. I've tried a number of different things reinstalling everything, different versions of DeskTask, starting a fresh without calendar items on Outlook 2010.

Any other suggestions?

Pieter Leever

Posted: 12 Mar 2012 06:47

Desktask showed all appointments from january 1 on. After reinstalling Outlook "no appointments found" and "no tasks found". I am running Windows7 64bit with outlook.pst on a networkdrive. Other computers using the same file have no problem with Desktask. It once worked fine on this machine too, until I decided to make it a dual boot pc with Linux.
Any suggestions?


Posted: 16 Jun 2013 03:28

I found a (manual) workaround for the problem of the regional issue of DeskTask; when the system date is between 1st and 12 of each month, DeskTask exchange the day with the month and show the wrong data or nothing at all (no appointment found), also the weekday names are in english even if you set another language in the Option panel.
The trick I found is to change the date format in Windows, (and then put it again in the original format if you like).
To do it, simply click on the bottom right corner of the desktop, over the time display, then go on to the following windows and choose another date format, then click OK several times to close all the opened windows, right-click on DeskTask header, click on Refresh et voilà.
Even if you put the format date again in the original format, DeskTask keep working correctly, until next system restart; I think the problem is in Windows, not in DeskTask, but in this way I solved the problem.
It would be possible to automate the whole process at system startup, but I'm not albe to ... sorry.