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Carthago Software forums / News and Announcements / Twistpad 2.5 SR1 Released
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Andre Santos

Posted: 20 Oct 2014 02:44


Twistpad version 2.5 SR1 has been released mainly to fix some issues found in the 2.5 version

- Print Preview windows size and options panel visibility are now preserved across sessions
- Fixed: Compare commands only affected the top editor
- Fixed: Comparing current document in wordwrap mode with saved version
- Fixed: Search highlight word would not highlight the word if it was underlined in a URL
- Fixed: Equal sign could not be used as a keyword in syntax definition (Syntax would return na error)
- Fixed: Option "Non Syntax Text Color Always Black" was not persistent across sessions
- Other Minor bug fixes

Twistpad is available at our the download page.


André Santos
Carthago Software Support