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Carthago Software forums / Find Favorites / FF3.11 doesn’t handle URL longer than 255 characters
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Posted: 7 Mar 2012 04:10

Hello all,

I appreciate your „Find Favorites V3.11”. Unfortunately, it seems that FFV3.11 doesn’t handle URL longer than 255 characters. If I have URL’s longer than 255 Char, the folder doesn’t get displayed on the right column (this field keeps empty / nothing displayed). I currently have URL’s up to 475 Char for internal documentation/information links.

It seems also, that the “copy URL” function with the right mouse click in the “Address Field”, copies only 207 Char of the URL.

Will there be a solution available for this problem in the near future? Since I can’t use “FF V3.11” with this behavior, I would really appreciate a solution asap ;-).

Thanks in advance. Mike

PS: I use MS Vista Enterprise SP2, 32Bit, IE7

Ann Joseph

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 00:17

Is the version 1.3 released?