Twistpad screenshots and features

Rich environment

Twistpad is a self contained and rich general IDE and text editor, that adapts to several tasks and computer languages.

A familiar and modern tabbed environment allows switching and editing documents as well as a comprehensive set of tools and commands

On the image on the right you can see Twistpad running on Windows 8 with a set of PHP files of the Carthago Software site.

Main features

Syntax highlight

Syntax highlight provides readability of the code text through colored keywords. The most popular document formats are available with Twistpad.

Custom syntax highlight can also be easily archived.

Unicode Support

Full Unicode support, with possibility to work with encoded files without a signature.
Twistpad is compatible with Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-8 (no signature) and Big Endian formats as well as the standard ANSI format

Twistpad will also warn if it detects unicode characters in an ANSI document, avoiding loss of information

Modern Windows editions support

Twistpad not only supports all the latest Windows edition, but was also developed with the new Taskbar features introduced in Windows 7 in mind, including document previews and tasks.

Tabbed interface

A familiar and modern tabbed environment allows easy document switching, editing and organization.

Integrated file compare

A compare tool is Integrated into Twistpad for easy compare of changes between two documents.

Twistpad let's you compare any two documents, a currently opened file with another file and even a modified document with it's saved version on disk.

Customization options

Twistpad supports a comprehensive set of customization possibilities, allowing for personal customization of all available toolbars, context menus and shortcuts.

Multiple clipboard support

Every time a block of text is copied to the internal Windows clipboard, Twistpad will store the text for later retrieval, even text copied in other applications. Stored text is also preserved across Twistpad sessions

While editing your document, press CTRL-SHIFT+V to easily cycle through all copied items.

Integrated file browser

Twistpad includes a file browser to quickly open files in the current folder featuring a familiar and modern breadcrumb for easier folder navigation

Intelligent spell checker

The Spell checker will only check comments and strings in your code.
Optionally use the active spelling feature, to underline spelling errors in your code.
Unlike other editors and text processors, Twistpad can have multiple language spelling checkers active.
A wide range of languages is available to download in the Add-Ons section.

Integrated file history

Twistpad supports an integrated source control system. Each time a file is saved, a backup is made and stored in a hidden sub-folder.

The history is easily accessed in a file history list dialog allowing to retrieve an older revision or comparing older revisions with the current version.

Project support

With project support, you can organize the files of a web site for example, in folders regardless of the actual location of the files

Search and replace in text files

Comprehensive set of tools for search and replace text including a folder, a set of folders or currently opened files with regular expressions support.

For safety purposes you can leave the files opened in Twistpad after the replace for review of changes made before saving

Portable support

Registered users have have access to a tool that makes Twistpad a fully portable application to be run from a portable device without leaving traces in the host system

The portable creator will keep all current user settings for the portable installation

Editor themes support

Editor colors can be customized and saved as themes for later retrieval. Twistpad fully supports dark themes.

Other features

Enhanced file switch

Switch between opened documents like the Windows Alt-Tab!

Function list

Easily jump to any function or section defined in the document. All functions are available in the Function window or in the jump dialog.


Mark places in your code that you want to come back to. All bookmarks set in each opened document are shown in the Bookmark window.

External tool Support

Launch the current document into any other application and\or compiler, conveniently via the main menu or via a custom shortcut.

Block selection

Select text, copy and paste on a column by column basis instead of line by line.

Print and Print Preview

Twistpad previews and prints documents with syntax highlighting, line numbers and search highlight.

Plug-in support

Plug-ins allow to expand Twistpad without the overhead of including the code, thus avoiding bloat and optimize features according to each user particular need.

Text Snippets

Snippets are reusable blocks of code always available at your fingertips. Any text can be used as code snippet, like programs skeletons, frequent address's, code samples and much more.

Track changes

Track changes mark lines in the margin to indicate edited lines.
Yellow marks indicate changes not saved yet, Green, changes saved.


Easily access pre-existing file templates or add your own.

Auto complete

Twistpad will suggest words and statements from syntax keywords, files and folders in the same location as the source document, and backward written words.

Formatting text tools

A comprehensive set of formatting text tools make Twistpad an option for a general purpose text editor.

Legacy support

Besides support for the latest Windows versions, Twistpad still supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP!
Please note that some screens may show older versions of Twistpad. Recent versions of Twistpad may have a different interface, but do maintain the highlighted feature

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