General Add-ons

Portable Creator Preview The Twistpad Portable Creator copies your existing settings installed in your computer to a portable device (like a USB pen) to be run from any computer without any additional installation of files. [Only available to registered users]

Shell Context Menu
Adds an "Open in Twistpad" command to open a file (or multiple files) from the Windows Explorer. Version 1.3
· The Twistpad icon will not be shown on the context menu when installed in Windows 2000, XP and Vista
· Not compatible when running Twistpad from a portable device


Plug-ins allow to expand Twistpad without the overhead of including the code, thus avoiding bloat and optimize features according to each particular scenario.
· Some Plugins are available as a setup executable package which will install into your existing Twistpad installation.

· for Plugins without installation setup, please follow the the Readme file included in the zip package for installation instructions
Format XML Format XML files directly from the Twistpad editing buffer.
The command is available in the Tools menu
243 Kb

More Colors
Version History
The More Colors Plug-in offers a new and intuitive away to insert HTML color codes into the editor buffer. As an alternative to the built in color dialog, the More Colors dialog offers a possibility to edit directly the HTML color code, show harmonic colors for the selected color and the ability to, if the selected text is a HTML color code, to show the color selected by default Download
271 Kb

HTML-Tidy The HTML-Tidy Plug-in allows interaction with the HTML Tidy library directly from the editor buffer of Twistpad. Visit the HTML Tidy page for more information. Download
337 Kb
Not compatible when running Twistpad from a portable device

The DelForExp Plug-in allows interaction with the DelForExp library directly from the editor buffer of Twistpad to format Delphi Pascal code. Download
420 Kb

View in Browser Adds a new command to the Twistpad tools menu with the ability to view the current file in the default web browser. Download
193 Kb

Insert Symbol
Places a new menu command in the Insert Menu. This command allows to insert a symbol from the available ASCII table. Download
237 Kb
Not compatible when running Twistpad from a portable device

Switch Case Allows to switch from different types of word case instantly (upper, lower, capitalize, invert) in the selected text of Twistpad. Download
193 Kb
Not compatible when running Twistpad from a portable device

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An Add-on to Twistpad is way of extending the product beyond the standard installation package.

You can browse the list to see if any available add-on might suit you, or send us your suggestions on new add-ons.