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Carthago Software forums / DeskTask / Remember window position (dual monitors)?
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Posted: 18 Feb 2015 04:36

Is it possible for DeskTask to remember it's window position in a dual monitor environment when I change to a single monitor environment?

Situation: I have a laptop connected to dual monitors. The DeskTask is normally placed in the second monitor desktop. But when I go mobile and only use my laptop monitor the DeskTask is moved to the primary (first) monitor and stays there even when I connect to dual monitors again. It would be nice if DeskTask could remember it's position when I connect to dual monitors again. Is this possible, or will it be solved in future versions?

Andre Santos

Posted: 19 Feb 2015 11:48


Thanks for your question.

This is not possible, technically DeskTask does not know that the main window is on another monitor (the desktop size just gets extended) hence it's the window coordinates that are stored. If you launch DeskTask again, after being on a second monitor, it detects that the window is off screen and brings it into view.

Not perfect I agree, but the better compromise solution.

I'll look into this,

André Santos
Carthago Software Support